ViVa Hot Babes Gone Wild Katya Santos have sex after an Interview


Viva Hot Babe female group leader Katya Santos and the hottest of all the hot babe has been invited to an adult interview with DJ Mo Twister. The interview conducted in a swimming pool. DJ Mo Twister is really excited about this interview because Katya Santos is his most favorite member of viva hot babes. He really loves Katya Santos and he can ask a lot of questions about Katya Santos’s sex life. He fantasizes about Katya Santos a lot.

DJ Mo Twister started to ask a question about Any of her leading men that she wanted to have slept with. She said she wants with Jay Manalo. DJ Mo Twister is shocked because it was her first movie with Jay Manalo and he is the leading actor in that movie. She said that Jay Manalo is really a Gentleman and really sweet. DJ Mo Twister is really envied with Jay Manalo.

His second question is multi-orgasmic? Katya Santos said no, she only wants a one-time big time. and he follows up with a question with are you loud in the bedroom? Katya Santos said she didn’t really shout but she is really quiet and she is more about breathing and she said that she thinks it is more intimate and passion.

The third question is how much is the biggest penis she has been slept with. She thinks about 6 or 7 inches and it thinks that average and a little bit above average. then he follows up with is her favorite sex position. She loves dog style position.

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Actors: Katya Santos
Added on: October 15, 2020

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