Viva hot babes original Member Hazel Cabrera has been invited for an adult interview with DJ Mo Twister. The interview is conducted outside the office. DJ Mo Twister is the first time to meet Hazel Cabrera and he is very excited in this interview. DJ Mo Twister asks some questions for Hazel Cabrera. DJ Mo Twisted asks that other viva hot babes members said that you are the wildest girl in the group. it is true? Hazel Cabrera nudged and said yes it is true. They both laugh at each other. DJ Mo Twister said, then let us prove it how wild you are. then DJ Mo Twister asks her, how old are you when you lost your virginity? Hazel Cabrera answered she was only twelve years old when she lost her virginity. DJ Mo Twister shocked about the answer of the girl she was so young he then asks please explain what happened. Hazel Cabrera said it was her birthday she had her first sex with her father. DJ Mo Twister asks if it was ok. She said yes it is good.

DJ Mo Twister asks again where is the wildest place she has sex. Hazel Cabrera said the wildest one is in the swimming pool with her sugar daddy. Then DJ Mo is shocked by what he heard and immediately follows up with a question with did your mom knows about this? Hazel Cabrera answered Yes my Mom knows about this. Then DJ Mo asks Hazel Cabrera if a guy asks for a one night stand with her how much would it costs. Hazel Cabrera answered a Ferrari spider.

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Added on: October 15, 2020

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