Two Lucky Pinoys molested an Aussie Girl in SPA


A winner of a raffle the two lucky Pinoy has sex that they will never forget. The Australian girl went to a spa in malate manila. She has a red color haired and very white skin. She asked the guy that her neck and back have a little bit tense and she asks the guy if he could do a massage for her to make her feel better. The guy explains what she would have in order to remove her back pains. The guy instructed to relax, remove her clothes, and wait for him inside a room with a white bed.

the girl started to remove first her white shoes and her black blouse. She did not wear a bra and her nipples come out. Her nipple color is a little bit brownish-red and it definitely suits her looks. She has a tattoo on her left side of her body and she has a beautifully rounded butt. She laid back and put a towel on and wait for the guy. The guy enters the room as she laid back. The guy started to massage her but the guy focuses on her butt. He started to put his finger in her pussy and she is in shock at what is the guy is doing. But she likes it and she allows the guy to put his finger inside her pussy while massaging her. Another guy entered the room and she immediately stands up because she taught that the SPA is private. What will happen next? watch the entire video and be shocked by what will happen next.

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Added on: October 12, 2020

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