Three Pinay Teenager dancing naked for money


This video with 45minutes shows these two Pinays in a room film themselves while naked and doing some sexy dancing. They seem to be drunk and still drinking alcohol drinks. one Pinay is doing a striptease while the other one is helping to undress her friend. They are playing with their tongue, boobs, pussy and it seems that they are enjoying filming themselves naked.

At one point in the video, they are seducing the viewers by licking and sucking others’ nipples and eating, fingering their pussies. then they start to fuck each other these Pinays are very wild and looking for some dick to enter their pussies they never stop to fuck each other. All of these three Pinays are very horny and they start to eat their asses. it seems that they are paid to do these kinds of acts for money.

Those three Pinays are with very long black hair and we think they came from the province of the Philippines. They are selling their nude videos for 100 pesos or 2 USD. Even though they are not pretty they continue to video themselves just for money. until now they are selling their videos for their living. They are trying hard to give pleasure to their viewers and make roughly 20 USD for their acts. They are hoping they can found a sugar daddy by filming themselves. WE hope they do a better video and not just a trying-hard video. Their dance skills need a lot of improvement and what you think about this video? comment down below

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Added on: September 29, 2020

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