Syota ng Bayan Priscilla Almeda Sex while riding a Jeep


Priscilla Almeda is a famous sex goddess in her prime and she got famous in her first movie with Tonton Gutierrez in Syota ng Bayan Movie. The Director said that it was really that they really have sex in the movie. Wherein she involves in a lot of guy fucking her. but Tonton Gutierrez saves her from this mess. In this movie clip, wherein Tonton and Priscilla Almeda leaves their place and they stop in a forest wherein they started to kiss each other.

Priscilla Almeda and Tonton Guiterrez were kissing each other torridly they use their tongue to stimulate the scene. Priscilla Almeda wears a blue dress and her partner started to remove it slowly as he is kissing Priscilla Almeda from her lips down to her neck and down to her cleavage. Her partner even sucks her nipples that are not allowed in the movie in the Philippines. Her partner started to get down the chair of the car and her partner started to remove her panty. she positions her pussy in the mouth of her partner so that her partner is not going to have a hard time eating her pussy.

her partner is eating her pussy and she is getting really horny as her partner eating her pussy at the same time playing with her nipples. She moans a lot and they started to put her partner’s cock inside her pussy.  and she allows her partner to cum inside her pussy. after that, she gets the cum inside her pussy and swallows it.

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Added on: October 15, 2020

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