Senior High School Teacher Nude Scandal in Bathroom


This Senior High School Teacher is now going viral in her scandal that she sends to her principal for promotion. We all love and admire our teacher while we are in school and seeing them naked is a big plus and makes us study more and not skip her classes. this viral senior high school teacher has leaked a leaked video that she sends it to the school principal asking for a promotion. The principal said if she wants a promotion she needs to send her nude video to him and make her salary big.

At the start of the video, she seems a bit shy but she is already naked her long black hair is covering her left boobs. The said teacher is soo beautiful and we cannot imagine that she is going to have a nude scandal video. Her big breasts and nipples fit her body nicely. Her hairy pussy with a pussy gap between her long lovely white legs. She rotates the camera and makes focuses on her pussy that we can see that she has a tight pussy. This lovely Pinay teacher will make us jealous of her boyfriend that can fuck her all the time. Her face is an angel-like face that she can enter the showbiz business and make a lot of money by making sex movies. She even teases us by making her tongue out and looks like she is licking a dick. We all hope that we can fuck her and we are hoping that she film herself more.

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Added on: September 30, 2020

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