Sasha Grey in Pinoy Dormitory get pounded by 10 pinoys


Sasha Grey is a legend when it comes to sex and she is tagged as the dirtiest girl ever in her prime. Unfortunately, she becomes poor as she did not spend her money wisely back in the time she was still rich. She went to the Philippines and seek for a job to be a maid in an all-male dormitory in Quezon city. The landlord is shocked that Sacha Grey is in front of her. He accepted Sacha Grey right away and get her a job. But the landlord said they do not need a baby sitter. She gets upsets and cries because she wants the job but the landlord said they do not need a baby sitter tonight because the baby is on the vacation but she needs money right now she will do anything just to have money. the landlord said really? are you serious you will need money you will do anything? then the landlord tells her to fuck all her male tenant. Sacha Grey has a demon in mind and asks just all of them right?

Sacha Grey started to come to the guys and started to tease the guys. she started to kiss them and give them a blow job with two dicks in her mouth and her two hands are holding a cock. while the other two guy’s cock are inside her pussy and one guy inside her ass. She proves that she still has the skills if sex is the topic. She just pounded by 10 Pinoy guys.

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Added on: October 15, 2020

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