Sasha Grey Gets to Fucked in the ass by a Pinoy


Sasha Grey is a known DJ after she retired as a pornstar. She gets invited to be a DJ at an event in BGC Taguig Philippines. After her gig in Taguig, she was invited by a club owner to a hotel room for some chatting but not knowing she will be fucked by the club owner for a one million pesos equivalent of twenty thousand American dollars. She accepts the offer and went to the hotel room of the club owner.  She does not have a lot of money because she did not spend her money wisely when she was in the adult movie industries.

While she enters the hotel room Sasha Grey asks some questions by the club owner. The club owner asks what is her name and she answered my name is Sasha Grey. The club owner asks another question why are you here? Sasha Grey answered I wanna have fuck. The club owner asks again you wanna fuck on film? Sasha Grey answered Yes I wanna have fuck and show the world how bad I am in the bed. The club owner asks her again, tell me what you have to offer to me so special for the money. Sasha Grey answered I can suck a cock, I can take dick and fuck for a long time, she still has a gorgeous body. She started to play with her pussy after a long questioning. The club owner asks her to come to him and give him a blowjob.

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Added on: October 15, 2020

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