Risa Murakami Hot Pinay Japanese creampied by Pinoy


Risa Murakami is a born Pinay but she stayed in japan to follow her mother as japayuki. she chooses one Pinoy to be fucked by her. The Pinoy starts to massage the breast of Risa Murakami while she wears her blue t-shirt. Risa Murakami feeling horny by the touches of the guy and the guy started to lick the neck and the ear of Risa Murakami while his hand is on Risa Murakami tits.

The guy started to removes all of Risa Murakami’s clothes and the guy position Risa Murakami to lay down as he will going to eat the pussy of Risa Murakami. Risa Murakami has a hairy pussy and the guy starts to finger her. She seems to really like the fingering done by the guy the guy is soo intensely fingering her pussy and Risa Murakami cannot help herself but just to moan louder and louder she feels soo horny by the finger of the guy.

She then began to give the guy a blow job as giving thanks to making her feels horny after the guy fingers her. the guy starts to moves in Risa Murakami’s mouth as if he thinks that her mouth is like a pussy. Risa Murakami’s mouths release a lot of saliva as she cannot remove the cock of the guy.

The guy starts to put his cock inside the pussy of Risa Murakami and Risa Murakami screams in pain! as she was getting nailed by the guy and she let the guy cum inside her pussy.

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Actors: risa murakami
Added on: October 13, 2020

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