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A Pinay is feeling horny and she looks for a foreigner partner online. They meet together inside a hotel room in Cebu. She wears a floral shirt and is modeling inside the room as she turns around the camera flaunting her sexy body curves. She then cannot help herself because she is so horny. She asks the guy if she can touch her boobs and start with the foreplay. The guy immediately stands up and grabs her boobs, licking her shoulder and removes her floral clothes. she wore a black bra and the guy is playing with her boobs while she is jerking the cock of the guy.

The guy removes her bra and plays and sucking with her nipples. She removes her shorts and she wears a yellow panty. The guy is playing with her ass and spanking it. She has a tattoo on her back. She continues to masturbate the guy and she felt horny and she started to give a guy a blow job. The girl seems not to like the guy’s cock sucking it because it looks like the cock of the guy has a bad smell. She stop giving the guy a blow job. The guy is feeling horny also the guy position the girl in the bed and getting ready for sex action. but the guy wants his cock to be in the mouth of the girl and he puts her cock inside the mouth of the girl and he cum inside her mouth.

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Added on: October 14, 2020

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