pinay streamer aeriel garcia sex scandal


A Filipina game streamer Aerial Garcia is now trending on her new sex video going viral. Aerial Garcia is having sex with her boyfriend which is a game streamer also. The video is very short it is only focused on the pussy of Aerial Garcia while she is having sex. Her boyfriend’s dick is small. Her boobs are is not that big and not soo small. Her boobs are bouncing while her boyfriend is pounding her hard. She looks very horny she even bites her lips to seduce her boyfriend more. Her pussy is shaved and looks nice but it is not pink. her pussy color is brown and her boyfriend is playing her clitoris while he is pumping her pussy hard. Her nipples are big and not soo appropriate with her boobs. She did not let her boyfriend cum inside her pussy. Her boyfriend cums only in her body. after having sex. She immediately goes back to her work and stream and plays dota. her sex video is uploaded by her boyfriend after they break up and it is already going viral.

Due to daily streaming, she forgot how to maintain her body and make it not looking good. But despite that she does not have given a good body, her looks counts at all. Her gorgeous face makes you feel horny and because of her sex video. She gained a lot of followers hoping that they can see another sex video of her and we advice that she take care of herself and not focus only on her work.

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Added on: September 28, 2020

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