Pinay Maid OFW Fucked by her boss for Employment


This Pinay OFW went to the US to find a job. She went to a house and looking for employment. Not knowingly she was recording by her employer. The employer has a lot of maids already but she really wanted to have a job for her family in the Philippines. She begs a lot in the guy to make her employed. She offers that she can do anything just to get the job. The guy asks if he allows her to have sex with him she will have the job and the Pinay accepts the offer.

Pinay started to removes her clothes. She first removes her blue tank tops and begun to see her white bra. Her breast is so big. Then she removes her bra her tits are big and her nipples are tiny. It really looks amazing. The guy wants her to wear a maid uniform and she wears it. The guy started to feel horny and really wants to fuck her right away. The guy said that if she can show her skills in cleaning the house while naked and she maid it. The guy is really pleased with what is he seeing. The girl is really skilled and very horny. The girl starts to prepare the bed and while she is laying around and her pussy is being shown. The guy cannot help himself but starts to eat the pussy of her new maid.

They started to make out on each other and they start to have sex. She likes the way on how she is being fucked.

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Added on: October 12, 2020

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