Pinay Japanese Famous Sex Cosplayer Erito Fucked by Everyone


A famous half Pinay half japanese likes to give her fan in a comicon the experience he will never forget. She is cosplaying a character Kikyo in Inuyasha. She started to give a rub on the guy’s crotch as she little by little open the zipper of the guy. She removes the entire pants and the boxer short of the guy and put a black towel on top of the guy’s cock. She begins to jerk the cock of the guy. She seems to like to enjoy it as she masturbating the guy and the guy is moaning. She then removes her clothes and she laid back the guy her underwear is a tiger looking skin. Her boobs are not big but her nipples are gorgeously looking brown color. She then starts to foreplay. She is rubbing her pussy in the guy’s cock. She give’s him a nice jerk off. A sensational Blow job and She started to put it in her pussy. Erito has a hairy pussy but it is not soo long.

Her pussy is nice with a little pinkish inside. She begins to fuck her fan and she started to feel horny as she moans a sweet moaning. They guy starts to fuck her hard and she moans like a screaming giant. She asked the guy to fuck her more and even harder but the guy started to reach orgasm. She let the guy to come inside her pussy. Would you like to have sex with a cosplayer or do you have a fetish on a girl cosplaying?

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Added on: October 12, 2020

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