Pinay Celebrity Jinri Park and Ramon Bautista New Scandal


Jinri Park is half Pinay and half South Korean girl who lives in the Philippines after they left Korea. Their sex video recording started when Jinri Park gives her partner a blow job while she wears her bikini with a silver color. Yet she wore a bikini we can see her pink nipples right away. Her partner is playing with her nipple while Jinri Park is giving the guy a blow job. The guy put her into his stomach as he positions Jinri Park to a woman on top sex position. Jinri Park starts to rub her pussy while her panty is still on in guy’s cock while the guy is sucking her nipple.

The guy removes her bra and he positions Jinri Park to a boob fuck and Jinri Park cannot contain herself anymore she began to give the guy a blowjob again but now she gives him a deepthroat. she put the cock of a guy with 12 inches inside her mouth. As the foreplay makes them really horny. they now position themselves to have sex. They began to have a dog style and spanking Jinri Park butt. He made Jinri Park ass really red and she really likes her ass to be spanked. They continue to have sex and she did not allow the guy to cum inside her pussy but she masturbates the cock and puts it in her mouth until the guy cum inside her mouth. She swallow the sperm of the guy and they kiss each other as their final sex moment.

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Added on: October 12, 2020

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