Pinay Camshow Shiela cheating to a famous celebrity


A pretty Pinay Shiela is cheating with her boyfriend because a famous Pinoy celebrity asks her if she can cam show for the exchange to be fucked by that famous celebrity. She really likes the said famous celebrity guy and she accepts the offer. They chat at each other, she wears a polka dots blouse, and she did not even know that the celebrity guy is recording their video chat.

She follows what the celebrity guy wants her to do. She removes her polka dots blouse and she wears a brown bra. She removes also her brown bra and now she is showing her tits and her nipples are soo cute they are tiny but amazing fits perfectly to her. She is a little bit shy and she is very pretty her smile will definitely make you melt.

The celebrity guy asks her if she can squeeze her breast and she does, she squeezes her breast and plays with her nipples. then the celebrity guy asks her if she can turn around and show her butt in front of the camera. She immediately accepted and she stands up and turn around and wiggle her ass in front of the camera

The celebrity guy asks again if she can remove her mini skirt. She accepted it and started to remove her belt and her skirt. She wore a glowing pink panty and wiggling it in front of the camera. the guy asks if she can remove her panty and she does. she removes her panty and showing her shaved and clean pussy.

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Added on: October 13, 2020

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