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Everyone in the world knows Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach a Pinay beauty queen who won the Miss Universe Title Wayback 2015 and now Miss universe Pia Wurtzbach went viral on her latest live on her Facebook account wherein she is in a condominium in Makati City taking a rest in the side of the swimming pool. Her big breast makes big even more when she put pressure with her left arm and almost swollen that her nipple shows up in her blue bra. She did not even notice it and continue to record herself while taking a swimming pool. Everyone enjoys that Facebook Live of her that she did not notice that her nipple has shown.

The said video runs a full 10 minutes showing her beautiful body and no doubt why she wins the miss universe title. you will really be shocked by how gorgeous her body is and how she shows her big breast in a blue bra. Her breast really looks like a baby butt and you may imagine on what if you put your cock in her cleavage and boob fuck her. She will definitely satisfy us with her big boobs, beautiful body, and her angel-like face. Her Geeky looks contribute a lot to her with those geeky glasses put on. You will be soo jealous of her friend on how she hugs her and how Pia Wurtzbach boobs touch the body of her personal maid. Now enjoy this full 10 minutes length of the video and image how beautiful her nipple is.

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Added on: October 1, 2020

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