Marian Rivera Nipple Slip in an Interview Wardrobe Malfunction


Who does not know Marian Rivera? Marian Rivera is very famous not only in the Philippines but in some other Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, etc. She is a very beautiful, charming, and very talented Pinay. She has been involved and a leading lady in many movies, telenovelas, and the main star of the GMA Network Station.

Here is a video wherein she is having an interview about her upcoming movie. She wore a beautiful white gown seeing her cleavage. We know that she is not comfortable with what she is wearing because she always fixing her dress for us not to see her skin too much. She is very gorgeous in this interview her boobs are soo firm that we all wanted to motorboat on that boobs. In one scene of the video, it seems that her beautiful nipples showing. she has a beautiful pinking perfectly rounded nipple and we actually drilling on what we are seeing. She even leans forward and we love to see her big rounded boobs. but then she fixes it again.

What a wonderful scene Marian Rivera gave to us and this will satisfy all our fantasies about her. though this video is almost as wholesome and that is not going to stop us to fantasize about her. We are looking forward and hoping for another nipple slip or even a sex scandal with her. We definitely envy in her husband that she can fuck her all the time but then we hope she loses her cellphone and we can dig for scandals.

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Added on: September 28, 2020

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