Mae Dela Cerna and Mocha Uson teaches how to 69 position


Mocha Uson and Mae Dela Cerna like to have 69 Positions. These Mocha Girls are soo wild that they are teaching on how to properly do a sixty-nine sex position. Mae Dela Cerna started to touch Mocha Uson breast and her hand are moving in mocha uson legs and started to seduce her. Little by little mae dela Cerna touches the pussy of mocha uson and mocha uson started to like it and she is now feeling horny.

Mae Dela Cerna moves up with the boobs of mocha uson she begins to touch her body wildly and mocha uson is now feeling soo horny. MAe Dela Cerna squeezes the boobs of mocha uson and they are now starting to kiss each other. Both these beautiful women are now horny and are kissing each other. Mae Dela Cerna is even put a lubricant into her finger and started to finger mocha uson. Mocha uson is started to moan softly and They are now positioning themselves into 69 positions and started to eat each other pussies.

They seem to enjoy eating each other pussy. We can see that Mae Dela Cerna is having a pink pussy but mocha uson has a brownish looking pussy. Both pussies are shaved and clean. They now started to use a dildo to put into each other pussies. Mocha uson started to cum and mae dela Cerna is next to cum. We love seeing a girl to girl kissing each other and eating both pussies. WE hope that they record themselves more.

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Actors: Mocha
Added on: September 5, 2020

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