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Lexi Lore is the most favorite teenager pornstar in the Philippines and she makes an adult video wherein two lucky Pinoy men can fuck her. They make a video wherein Lexi Lore is in a house and she sees that in front of the door there is a package and she pick it up but the two Pinoy saw her that she is stealing their packages. She felt sorry about what happen and they did not let her leave. she is sorry and she says she can do anything just to forgive her. They insisted to call the police but Lexi Lore said they are allowed to fuck her but do not call the police. They handcuff Lexi Lore and they started to molest Lexi Lore they started to touch her butt, pussy, and her tits. they started to kiss her and Lexi Lore is started to get horny.

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Actors: lexi, lexi lore
Added on: October 13, 2020

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