JAV Maki Hojo takes a bath with a Pinoy Guy – Uncensored


Japanese adult video actress Maki Hojo went to Boracay Philippines for Vacation. While she is in a bar in Boracay, one guy approaches her and buys her a drink. They talk to each other and they fell in love with each other they wanted to have sex then they went to the Maki Hojo hotel room.

They started to foreplay inside their bathroom they are both naked and they started to cover their body in a bubble inside the bathtub. She rubs her breast at the back of the guy and the guy is getting really horny. as she rubs her breast the guy is masturbating his cock but Maki Hojo saw that and she immediately stops him to jerk off. then she is starting to jerk off the guy. the guy seems to like it as Maki Hojo is rubbing her breast in his back and at the same time she is jerking his cock.

Maki Hojo wants to put the cock in her mouth as she is holding the cock of the guy and it is really stiff. The guy fucks Maki Hojo in her mouth and Maki Hojo releases a lot of salivae. She lay down as the guy sits down on a transparent toilet seat. She began to lick the balls of the guy and starts to rim the guy’s ass. Shee seems to have vomit as she puts her tongue inside the guy butt and she started to taste a little sour and it seems like she is eating shit.

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Added on: October 14, 2020

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