half pinay half thai nipple slip while singing in concert


A half Pinay half thailander having a wardrobe malfunction while singing. She has even been proud of showing her nipple in an all adult audience. She is a lively singer that makes the crowd wild. She looks like the WWE Diva Paige who has several sex videos also.

One audience in the front seat has film the said Pinay singer and surprisingly this Pinay singer did not wear a bra and her nipple slips when she jumps in a dance step while she sings. Her nipple is soo pink that you cannot even see it. This makes the crowd soo wild and they love seeing this singer nipple slip. They did not advise the singer that she has a wardrobe malfunction. She still continues to sing and dance and jump onto the dance floor and one part of the video that she turns back and shows the audience her small ass. even though her ass is small we can also see her pink panty and her pussy gap is soo wide between her legs.

We taught that she already fix her wardrobe malfunction by putting her long black hair on her left side of her breast that is now covering it but then she removes her hair and we can still see her very pink nipple ahead. Her nipple is soo cute that we want to suck it until it drops. our question is this staged so that the audience does not leave her performance? why does her nipple have makeup on it and look it shines.

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Added on: September 29, 2020

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