Half Pinay Half Thai do anything to be hired


A half Pinay and half Thailand want to enter the world of adult industries. She goes to a casting wherein all pornstar went before became famous. Her body is very slim and the producer thinks that no one will watch her porn videos but the Pinay is consistent she will do anything just to enter the adult industry.

She started with a photograph with her whole body. She removes her mini skirt and started to show her ass. The videographer likes her butt and started to spank her. She removes her white t-shirt and the videographer loves it and the videographer loves her sexy eyes. The girl videographer asks if she is masturbating. She says yes and the videographer follows up that if she can lay down and masturbate in front of the camera. Surprisingly she has a pink pussy. The guy started to come to her and she immediately goes the guy a blow job. The guy cock is 12 inches and she can swallow it all without having vomit. She gives the guy a blow job tirelessly and the guy cum inside her mouth for the first time.

Then she lay down both in the bed and started to have sex as the guy cock puts inside her pussy. She immediately feels horny. She wanted the guy to fuck her pussy more and more. She allows the guy to cum inside her pussy and the videographer joins the action and puts the cum inside her mouth and gives the guy a blow job


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Added on: October 14, 2020

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