Filipina Factory Worker Drunk and have Sex after work


A group of factory workers on a farm a two male Pinoy and two female Pinay have bought an alcoholic drink in their workplace. After they were drunk, One guy started to kiss his partner and the other guy wants to kiss her partner also but his partner declined to be kissed by him. He asks are you sure you do not want? she answered yes I do not like it. but then the guy forces her to kiss him then they both started making out with each other. The guy started to remove his partner dress they were slowly undressing each other.

The other guy started to hold the boobs of his partner and shockingly his partner has big tits. she wears a glossy blue bra while the other girl is wearing a striped beach bra. They seem like they were competing with each other as the other partner starts to suck his partner’s nipple and the other guy started to put his fingers inside pussy of his partner. They started to position their partner on top of the rice sacks. They lay down their partner and started to eat their pussy. the other guy is enjoying the tits of her partner because it was his first time to have a partner with big tits. he is sucking his partner’s nipple at the same time he is fingering her pussy. Then they allow their partner to cum inside their pussy. They exchange partners after they finish their current partners.

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Added on: October 15, 2020

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