Filipina American shows her body to her Sugar Daddy


A Filipina American in a gray jacket film herself for her sugar daddy for a monthly allowance. In the first part of the video, she looks like she is shy and nodding her head but then little by little she is removing her gray jacket and now you can see her pink hot bra. she now then completely remove her bra you can see all the hotness and beauty of her breast while pressing and massaging it gently. She then opens her mouth that looks like she wants to put a dick on her mouth. She is putting her tongue out that makes you think that she is licking a dick like ice cream.

She now then removed her pinkish bra and you will be amazed at how cute and pink her nipple is. even though her breast is tiny and she only wears a push-up bra you can now start to feel horny while she is stroking and pressing her breast hard. She has beautiful piercing eyes that look like she is ready and wants a hard fuck. Her mouth is soo big that can fit a 12 inches dick. Her body is not a sexy looking but you can see how horny she was while she pinching her pink nipple. She is playing her nipple wildly while she is dancing and licking her nipples. Her sugar daddy loves the recording and immediately sends her allowance worth 1 million PHP. We hope she can send another video to her sugar daddy with her pussy out.

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Added on: October 1, 2020

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