FHM Model Danica Torres striptease to an Interview


A sexy FHM Model Danica Torres has been invited to a late-night interview show wherein she strips her clothes and flaunts her sexy curves. She wears a Black Tank Top and Blue Jeans shorts. She has to play a game wherein if the guy and her answers are the same she will remove one clothes until she is fully naked. For the first time, she removes her black tank top for a bonus round.

Her next question is if Danica Torres kiss a girl and her choices are A for yes and B for no. She hardly answers the question and seems to think a little about it and her answer is Yes and the guy answer is Yes also so she needs to remove one clothes. She asks the interviewer if she can remove her bra. But they just laugh at it and the interviewer just said your short jean skirt first. She removes her short jean skirt and we can see now her black panty. She has a nice pussy gap between her legs.

She wants another question to strip more but the interviewer cancels the game and moves on to the next topic of her interview wherein the interviewer measures the body of Danica Torres her waistline is only 23 inches. The interviewer seems to envy Danica Torres with her sexy curves and she cuts again the scene and continues to meet and greet portion of the Interview. Danica Torres looks a little pissed on what happened as she wants to show more about her sexy body.

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Added on: October 13, 2020

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