Famous Pinay Youtuber Sachzna Laparan New Sex Video


A famous Pinay YouTuber Sachzna Laparan is now trending in her new sex video with her boyfriend Jomar Lovena which is a youtube director of Ex-Battalion an all Filipino rapper group. This 30 seconds video shows her sex video recording which shows her full body naked, flat-chested boobs but firm nipple. A beautiful body of a teenager and a hairy pussy that will want you to eat her pussy like no tomorrow.

She really enjoys doing sex with her boyfriend you can hear it in her soft moans and how she moves her body. Her boobs are little but you can see it is bouncing like hell. See her eyes are full of wants to have sex more. she enjoys the dick of her boyfriend while playing her clitoris and moans loader and loader and she cums more than three times. she even allowed her boyfriend to not put a condom on and makes her boyfriend to cum on her tight hairy pussy.

This new sex video is now going viral after her first scandal which is she only plays her hairy pussy. This shows how horny this famous Pinay youtuber is. This causes to make her follower on youtube to unsubscribe on her youtube channel. She really feels sorry about what happened and explains that this will never happen again but who knows? we all wanted to watch and admire these famous Pinay YouTuber and we know we are going to enjoy these kinds of sex scandals all the time.

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Added on: October 1, 2020

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