Famous Pinay controversy Mocha Uson masturbate


A famous Pinay Mocha Uson who is the leader of a girl erotic dance group has been involved in a porn video wherein she is making her viewer gets horny. She is in a black dress and pink panty. The video is in black and white that it looks like she is in a room with no lights but there is a CCTV camera that is spying on her.

At the first of the video, she is touching herself softly, from her legs and between the legs and her tummy. She touches her neck and her boobs. She plays her boobs softly and she is now feeling horny. She grabs her tits and begins to play with it. She removes her blouses and starts to play with her nipples. She then gets very horny and she started to put her fingers inside her panty and play with her pussy.

We cannot see her pussy but it looks like it is hairy and not shaved. We wonder what it smells like but we think that it smells very good. She still plays with her clitoris and she moves her body like she is having wild sex in her mind. Mocha Uson continues to play her clitoris as hard as she can and she makes cums. Mocha Uson licks her finger full of her cum and she feels like puking. We think that she is disgusted with her own cum and we think that it does not taste good. Do you like to eat Mocha Uson Pussy? Comment down below.

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Actors: Mocha
Added on: October 14, 2020

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