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A Pinay went to jogging and after she went home her boyfriend advice her to look after the plumber because her boyfriend went to the grocery store. She looks at the plumber and she looks like she is has a crush on the plumber and she started to show her sexy body to the plumber. She saw that the plumber is looking at her breast and she loves it. She said stop but she looks like she does want to.

She started to remove the pants of the plumber and started to hold his cock but her boyfriend called and she is talking to her boyfriend while she is giving a blowjob to the plumber and she is masturbating it. she is still talking to her boyfriend while she is giving a blowjob and they started to fight over the phone. but the more they fight the more she sucks the guys cock. she even licks the nuts of the guy her mouth is soo lovely and she feels so horny she put down her leggings and she removes her pink panty and the guy started to put his cock in her pussy. but the girl cannot help anymore and she hangs up the phone. but her boyfriend hears something that its licking and the boyfriend knew that the plumber is fucking her but the girl breaks up with her boyfriend and she continues to fuck the plumber. Her boyfriend has called again and she let the guy cum in her face.

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Added on: October 13, 2020

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