celebrity rica peralejo club dancing scene


Pinay celebrity Rica Peralejo likes to have a nude scene inside a club in Ermita manila. Showing her beautiful pointed breast and huge butt. This movie clip starts inside a night club with a pole dancing and a lot of glass. Rica Peralejo is in a white glittering two-piece. the mirror is soo many and you can see her ass in a glass at the back. her ass is soo rounded that looks like we wanted to smack her ass hard that it can be turn red. The scene is like she is in a bathtub and having a shower while she is dancing seductively.

She is very beautiful and her wet look is fitted to her a lot. this scene of a Pinay celebrity is soo rare and we are glad that she made a movie scene like this. She now starts her dancing the camera focuses on her body starting to her big boobs down to her rounded butt. She is very soaking wet and feels like she is hornier than ever. She now removes her bra little by little her dancing skills are killing it she is a monster inside the dance floor. her body stands out even though the scene is very dark. She dances while her bra is removed and covering her boobs by her hand. She even moans while dancing and looks like she is having fun. They close the curtain but they can still see her by the mirror at the back she is now nude and now you can enjoy her beautiful erotic dance while naked.

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Added on: September 29, 2020

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