Celebrity Anne Curtis Sex Scene Collection


Celebrity Anne Curtis a famous actress of Kapamilya network ABS-CBN. Anne Curtis has become a leading lady in a lot of movies. we compile all her sex clips in all the movies she is involved with. In the first part of the video wherein, she is on a vacation with her boyfriend. They booked into a motel but the boy does not have money in his wallet and having a hard time finding any money in his wallet but then horny Anne Curtis immediately lends the money so they can start having sex already. We think that this part of the video Anne Curtis is wet and wanted to be fucked.

Upon entering the room they were in a rush like they are really excited into each other. They started kissing and removing their clothes little by little but their lips cannot stop kissing each other. Anne Curtis wears a black bikini and she is very beautiful in it. They now laid down on the bed and her boyfriend started to kiss her neck. She moves on top of her boyfriend. We can see how the body of Anne Curtis clearly as she started to lick the body of her boyfriend. They now started to fuck each other and they look like they love each other so much the way they move their body while having sex. they sleep that night and after that, they continue to have sex at the back of her car. We hope to see more sex scene of Anne Curtis.

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