Beautiful Petite Filipina taking a bath while in a live stream


A petite Filipina in a white see-through dress with her colored blonde hair is making you feel horny while she is cleaning her backdoor. at first, you can barely see her nipple glimpsing in her dress. She is in live streaming called Bigo Live. She even entertains her viewers while doing the cleaning.

in the second part of the video wherein, she started to take a bath. you can see now clearly her nipples with her wet white see-through dress. you can even see that she is not wearing a panty. once she turns back her rounded butt makes you wanted to fuck her first at the back that massive ass will surely make you horny. her followers are making a rage on what they are seeing and cannot help themselves but to admire and jerk off while watching her taking a bath.

for the third part of the video when she came close to the camera. you can see her butt is shaking while she walks and leans downward and yet for this time you can see the glimpse of her hairy pussy. she even spread her legs for her viewers and flaunt her pussy gap.

This type of live stream makes you a lot of followers in no time. before the said live stream she only got 1k follower then after the stream she almost hit ten thousand followers in just taking a bath with a see-through dress. we now know that this method is working and hope a lot of our Pinay will surely take a bath with a see-through dress on.

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Added on: October 1, 2020

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